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I listen to all kinds of mysic but my favorite is Country and Western and Native American Flute Music image

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People who are totally honest with me

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Interesting facts about me

Hmmm Interesting facts about me huh? imageWell I've been called a nut lol

imageand I am a PSP fanatic

image and I just started learning to make scrapkits both by using PSP Scripts and learning to do it the "hard way" which is fun but taxes my old brain.

I love my darling husband as he is so good to me and patient and kind image
We have 1 dog and 1 cat and I have a beautiful Apppaloosa mare staying at a friends
I enjoy meeting new people very much. I enjoy making new friends online, and I deeply respect people who are honest , caring and have no false pretences. I dislike phonies who act like your best friend and then never talk to you either online or in person.

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    Valentines Day Pillow Fight!
    Roses Are Red...
    Violets Are Blue....
    Pillow Fight Time...
    SPLAT....I got you!!!!
    Kudos & God Bless!

    Happy Valentines Day
    from Unique Boutique!

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    Woohoo, it's just sooo good to see you popping up on my profile again!!image Glad you like the tag image I had a clear head the day I made that, lmao!!!
    Love and big huggies xxxxx

    Original comment »


    Reply from AudreyG:

    Awesome I love taggies , I'm a siggy piggy lol
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    A lil pressie for my dear wacky devilicious friendimage
    Love and big Huggies xxxxx



    Reply from AudreyG:

    wowww that is great and thanks so much
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    Hi Audrey, hope your feeling better!!

    Just wanted to let you know there is a tag waiting for you at SG, on last weeks
    tut challenge thread..

    Huggz, Dollycat image


    Reply from AudreyG:

    Thanks sweetie I will check and pick it up sometime this afternoon. Yes I am feeling some better but shaking and weak yet. Hugs Audrey
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    Hello Audrey,
    Hope you are ok my friend,
    Big hugs


    Reply from AudreyG:

    Thank you kate....I had some tests done awhile back and had to have them redone as they found cancer among the polyps they removed..I won't know anything til they get the results back this time from the ones I had Monday which could take 2 to 3 weeks. While hooked up to a monitor the doctor doing the tests saw that my heart was stopping for a few seconds and sometimes up to 15 + seconds and he got very worried and called my family doctor to get me in to my heart specialist asap but the heart specialist whom I think is a dick anyway said he couldn't put me in til December....grrrrrr they y make me so mad so I called and told him I could be dead by then...anyway I called a doc in Saskatoon who did my bypass and he is going to look into getting the date moved up as soon as possible....I'm sure I'll be fine......

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